Mindscapes recognizes the diverse socio-economic groups represented in our communities and understands that a trip to the museum is financially out of reach for many families/schools. Our Access Programs are blocked time-slots/days dedicated to the underprivileged, in partnership with philanthropic individuals and corporations who recognize the value, and are interested in partnering with Mindscapes to provide an amazing trip to the museum complete with fun and learning.

The feeding and transportation of the group is included in the trip. Mindscapes provides discounted admissions for the group and the expense of the entire trip is borne by the sponsor.

Special Events

Mindscapes hosts Access Programs during special holidays for children from orphanages, NGOs and other special interest groups engaged with underprivileged children.
Christmas 2015, saw a Christmas party at Mindscapes for 257 children from 4 orphanages/NGOs. The children will played at our exhibits, partied, ate and had a fabulous time. They also received Christmas gifts donated during our Reverse Santa program which held from the 8th to the 24th of December, 2015.

Special thanks to:

  • Discovery House
  • Interswitch Nigeria
  • Guaranty Trust Bank
  • Future Concerns Nigeria Limited
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sola Tinubu

Public School Access Program

Our Public School Access Program provides the opportunity for students from public schools to come on a field trip to Mindscapes. They enjoy all the benefits included in our standard field trip package, with additional provision of lunch and transportation.

We are currently looking for sponsors. Click here to request a sponsorship packet.


  • Orphanages
  • Public schools
  • Special Education Programs, etc.